Thursday, 23 June 2011

Where have the kids gone?

So as you may have noticed from the last post, I seem to be going completely bonkers... but I'm sure I'll still continue to get up every morning and drag myself to work so my purpose in life is being fulfilled in keeping myself 'debt to society' free (it's all energy in versus energy out again). I appear to be becoming more and more dishevelled by the day and I'm pretty sure I must be on the verge of starting to go bald because every time I shower I am getting handfuls of hair coming out. I don't know how I don't have any bald patches yet (that's just a little FYI for you there). I also seem to have developed horrible spots all over my body. It must be some kind of stress condition like psoriasis. This paragraph makes me sound like a freak.

Someone has already told you about 'fucking clinical fucking psychology' yesterday and I don't have the energy to expand on how it went but, I will get round to it eventually.

So for now all I wanted to say is, I haven't seen the kids around lately. I don't know when they disappeared because it wasn't an immediate noticing of their absence, but it was definitely at least since the previous clinical psychology session two weeks ago. In fact I think Little C spoke to T at that session and oh yes! I am remembering now; Little C and Pan took pictures of things they liked after that session and then... off the radar.

Is it me or them? Maybe they are all still there and I'm the one gone. Lets not get into all of that at this time of night! It's just curious and I miss them. It's easy to be around them. I like them and Ad likes them. I've noticed a few signs that maybe they aren't that far, like the odd brief and incomplete appearance with Ad and I noticed I was sucking my thumb last night (cringe!) but my teddys have been neglected in the cuddle department over the last few weeks and for the main part I haven't heard from them.
It's times like this that I feel the prospect of 'integration' is horrifying.

I guess one thing about them being wherever they are is that there's an opening for others to have time out, as evidenced by the post yesterday. I can't identify who that was by. 

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