Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nice ta meet ua

I need some list of emotions to be able to pick the ones. I don't know who I am. Nice to meet you anyway. I think my brain got put through the shredder. It didn't go well with the T at fucking clinical fucking psychology. Some think we shouldn't go back. We probably will though cos she's pathetic that way. I've got a fucking rib sticking out the side of my fucking rib cage. It sticks into the mattress. That's nice isn't it. Even nicer when I heard it snapping. I wake up in fucking agony cos I been lying on it and I can't move cos it's bent down and if I lift up it feels even sore. Why peple always want to sit on you and squash you like a slug. Fucking wankers. WHo the fuck think she is? Friday coms I want to slash our arms open but she wont fucking let me do it if she can help it. Doesnt help though anyway you jsut get interrofgations aftera and wish the world could eat you up. We are not not worthy. I got as much right as you to be here so shut your gob. Not you Mr and mrs blog reader, I just telling them others inside to ficking piiss off and give me a chane to have my say/ Sorry i cant spell, shes trying to fic x it as I go cos otheriwsise you wont be able to read any of it. its waoudl lohk like this if she doesnt cordntc it! shes liek a fuckking prison guard. We dont get a break. Anywya its nice speaking to you all, give you a break from Hitler. I've gotta piss so Im gonna go abut i sned you a song I like under here. Over and out soldier! Fuck y parnets
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Candycan said...

P.S they l;ook like raetards but its sounds good just leave it on and look at something else. Ha!