Friday, 3 June 2011

No special room for us

T emailed me today to let me know that we won't be going to the 'special children's room' after all because it's getting work done on it. Well, the children were so very disappointed. I nearly burst into tears at my desk when I read it (I was at work at the time). But I managed to hold it together and be a grown up about it.

I am glad she emailed to tell me. They have been so excited all week and really looking forward to it, so at least that gives us some time to get over the disappointment before we go to therapy on tuesday. It could have been worse if we had arrived and she'd told us then.

She didn't say anything about whether or not I should still bring along the teddy to the session. I didn't like to ask; it was hard enough to suggest it the first time! So I guess I probably won't bring it. Poor Little C is so disappointed. She wanted to give Winnie a special sponge bath to make him all smart for showing T. She and Pan feel like they have been told Christmas has been cancelled :( I am trying to not let them take over because I don't want to have those feelings taking over my body right now. I'm too tired for it.
I know it sounds crazy as I am a full grown woman but these little people are real in me. They think and feel just like any other child would.

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