Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I see a darkness

I haven't been on my blog much in quite some time for various reasons. I haven't decided not to, it's just not happening. I would like to be doing it but finding words seems quite a challenge.

I just wanted to say a 'thank you' to readers who have left comments and I want to apologise that I haven't responded to each one. It is still encouraging to read comments from people who can relate to my experiences and who find my posts useful and it's always meaningful to me when I read that others can relate.

Therapy is very difficult at the moment. We are having a bit of a prolonged crisis in our relationship and I have no idea how we will get through it. I don't have the words today to explain it but I guess the labels underpinning it all would be 'attachment disorder' and 'transferance'. Depression is with me and my functioning is very low. I have been off work for a while now.

 Maybe once I stop avoiding, I will get something in words. For now, this song says things quite well...

I see a darkness

Bye for now