Waking life can, at times seem like the annoying advert breaks in a really great film on the telly. Dreams can take us to a life filled with more adventure and happiness than imaginable when living in an area that has one of the highest suicide rates in the province. Conversely, dreams can be torturous, horrifying and disturbing. Either way, dreams fascinate me and I do believe they can provide us with an insight into what's going on in the head when at times, we may not feel so attached to ourselves during the day. Here's where I'm going to try to collect some excerpts from my exciting/horrifying dream life. I will update this page as I go along my merry way.

I'm losing my rabbits

Bad boys

Daddy issues

Nightmares and daymares (note to self: do not read!)

27th August 2011
Finding my memories
I was back in a house I lived in as a child between the ages of 9 and 14 and in the garden which was small being a council house, but in the dream it was different. One side of the garden had been made into a storage facility with large shelves along the fence and a sort of shelter over the top. The other side of the garden was grassy instead of muddy and had a path leading to gate which looked out over the sort of fields you get in council estate areas. I could see another estate a few hundred metres away with 'bad lads' milling around. I turned to the storage facility and discovered boxes full of all my childhood things. I could see toy cars, dolls, naked barbies all packed in; books and drawings. I felt as though an archeologist might feel when the discover evidence of a tribe they weren't sure existed. To me, it was like evidence that my childhood did indeed happen. I didn't just arrive on the earth as a woman. The bad lads saw me climbing the shelves and lifting down boxes (I wanted to get them all into my car) and came over into my garden to cause trouble. I knew they were going to steal my memories and no amount of pleading was going to stop them but I wasn't letting them go again after losing them so I let out one long, piercing scream which echoed across the fields and through the brains of each of the boys. I opened my eyes to see them scampering away back to their own estate and felt relief that I had prevented them from affecting me and taking my memories.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to