Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Poem about dissociation: The Struggle

The Struggle

Looking out from up above
Those hands, those feet, the voice
They move and sound so far away
Controlling: not my choice

I hear the cry of one in fear,
She folds herself in pain
I struggle to come down to aide
But struggle now in vain

I'm here but I can't be the one
To hush, to soothe, to see
You call my name, I hear your voice
Though you cannot hear me

What could be done to help me now?
Your question clearly heard
“Please help us, tell her all is safe!”
But I can't speak a word

I need to be the one who's strong
To help her find relief
I'm wading back through treacle sea
To save her from her grief

I'm there and now I look at you
You smile, your eyes are kind
Relief to see me back, but still
I'm struggling with my mind

I'm trying hard to be the one
To feel, to see, to stay
I fight against the pull of tide
The need to drift away

The sands too long have lain asleep
Time gone; I haven't seen
My guilt and shame now burn in me
The burden I have been.


Candycan said...

I wrote this poem about the experience of dissociating during clinical psychology sessions: more specifically, the last one. I was trying to describe how I am there but far away too and the struggles involved in 'getting back in the room' as T would call it.

Felicia said...

I like your poem alot. I hav been translating it into swedish and put it on my blog. Hope this will be ok.

Candycan said...

Hi Felicia, that's fine. I would be grateful if you would link it to my blog if you post it. Thanks v much and I'm glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

Great poem... stumbled across your site as it was linked on a fellow wordpressers page. I too have DID and I love your site... Bourbon x