Sunday, 24 April 2011


The little chick breaks her way out of the cocoon,
The fortress that has hidden her,
While she readied herself for the revelation.
The time has come to face life fully
And the shell can no longer protect her.

She opens her eyes and observes her world.
She sees the form of the keeper,
The hand, the face.
In a moment the bond is made,
This she will follow.

But she is just a chick,
The keeper does not love her
And laughs at the silly bird
For clinging to her.

The chick does not know the human
But trusts her life to her
For it is her instinct.
A risk she can't weigh up,
For survival is impossible alone.

Vulnerable attached,
vulnerable unattached

1 comment:

Candycan said...

The chick is me, the keeper is my therapist, the shell is dissociation, life is my past and present, imprinting is the bond/attachment I feel towards my therapist despite not knowing her as a person