Saturday, 9 April 2011

Switching into function mode between therapy sessions

I think I've been in function mode a bit lately. Typical when I am coming up to my next therapy session. Therapy is so hard in function mode. Its hard having two weeks between each session too. I can't maintain being insightful about parts for two whole weeks without a session so I switch off and it becomes unreal and then I can't relate to it all when I'm in therapy. By the end of the session everything (everyone) has reawoken and then I spend the next week thinking everything over and analysing myself. But the cycle goes on and eventually I lose touch again. Its been a really long two weeks this time. I felt like I was making loads of progress in myself as you might have read in the last few posts but I couldn't maintain it and now its all distant and unreal.


jac said...

hi I am in northern ireland too and have DID - I thought I was alone here - I go a month between sessions- relate to what you are saying about function mode- (I call it structure rather than flow.)I keep thinking of important elements of the therapeutic process and then forget them.

Candycan said...

wow how exciting! I have so wanted to meet other ppl in NI with DID! I thought I was alone too! I can't believe you only get sessions every month. That's really crap. It's hard enough for me with two weeks between but now I feel a bit more grateful for what I have after reading that. How did you find my blog?

Pandora said...

Hello, I am in California and have DID. I don't know any other multiples out there except someone I correspond with who wrote her story "We Are Annora."
I've been looking for a group to join. To share and know I have other people out there who understand me. There is nomone to talk to about this. My friends just don't get it.

Candycan said...

Hi Pandora, I felt the same way as you a year ago. Now I have found a way of sharing experiences with people just like us. It still surprises me when people comment and say they relate to my issues!
Pandora seems to be a popular name. I have an alter called Pan, although more in the Peter Pan kinda way.