Saturday, 14 May 2011

Back from shopping

Phwew! That was a mammoth shopping trip! Well, having said that, I actually only went in about five clothes shops but averaged at an hour per shop and managed to come home with a truck load of stuff.

I'm not all that excited about the purchases, which mainly included loads of boring plain long sleeved tops (the tall section in Dorothy Perkins is to be no more so they were all reduced to £3. I thought I had better stock up!) and boring sensible shoes, a boring browny/beige cardi and boring trousers for work. I did however, buy one top that is super duper multicoloured patterns and I love it. I also impressed myself by buying some salmon coloured trousers in a more fitted cut than the usual baggy things I knock around in. They sound awful but actually look quite nice combined with the boring browny/beige cardi number and sandals and a scarf. Here's hoping I will have the confidence to wear them. I tend to buy 'fashionable' stuff that I think looks good on me but then don't wear it because I am too emabarrased to be seen wearing something different than the ugly frumpy clothes that scream: "Don't look at me!" Just in case someone actually does look at me. I don't want to be noticed! Conversely, if I was to wear something new and pretty and no-one said anything, I'd presume that it must look awful on me and then never wear it again! So it's a lose lose situation wearing anything different.


Ugh, hubbie is annoying me so much this evening. Gobbling his sandwhich in my ear and making disgusting eating noises. I feel like screaming at him to fuck off and I feel guilty at the same time for feeling annoyed.
I'm in such a bad mood this evening. Bad news for me because my mum is coming round shortly and she puts me in bad form at the best of time. Would it be rude if I just went to bed right now?

Anyway again....

I WILL tell you about my clinical psychology session soon! I am too tired now though :(

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