Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My therapist is leaving me (part 2)

Thanks for the comments on the last blog post guys, I appreciate the support.

My T mentioned that I should think about if I want to see someone else when she’s away but I don’t know what I would want to do yet. It would be hard coping on my own for goodness knows how long it’ll be but it’d also be hard to start again with someone else. It was horrible last time this happened. In fact, it took the bones of two years before I started to feel like I could let myself trust this T after being let down before by my last one. Part of me wants to see someone else, part wants to see it as a break and a time to reassess; part wants to say ‘that’s it, we’re leaving therapy altogether’ and be done with it all.

Most of them think it’s all my fault for us feeling this way.

We should never have allowed this to happen again; it was so hard when my last therapist left and I had only been with them for a few months. That part told me then not to trust anyone again. I never learn. I never, never learn! You’d think by now I would know that people will always do this to us. They always have and they always will. It’s hard not to feel it is my fault. I know it’s not my fault my T is leaving, but it’s my fault I ever allowed myself to trust someone again. It’s my fault that any of my parts learnt to trust her because I am the one that has been telling them it’s OK and that she won’t hurt us. Now they are angry with me for the pain they are feeling. I’m finding it hard to hear anyone inside who doesn’t agree with this.

I am supposed to be working but I can’t focus myself today. I know I have so much to do but I keep feeling like I’m going to burst into tears. I couldn’t get to sleep last night for hours even though I was exhausted. I couldn’t get my body to relax. A few parts took over in an attempt to distract me but they didn’t allow me to get to sleep. I ended up lying in bed with a blade held on my arm until someone took over and cut me. I didn’t want to do this but it felt necessary. I must have fallen asleep eventually because I woke this morning with the blade still in the bed with me.
I remember asking a part that I don’t see much to come out and help me get to sleep. This part is a lovely lady who doesn’t see herself as part of me. She has had an altogether different life and just comes to visit so to speak. She is peaceful and when she comes out I feel my body relaxing. I remember asking her and then I remember feeling my muscles relax and I remember thinking “I wonder if she’ll stay out long enough to help me get to sleep” and then it was morning.

I am just gutted.


castorgirl said...

This is really difficult. I'm so sorry it's happening to you.

Can you ask your therapist to detail why they are taking the break, and to go over it several times? It might help the different parts realise that the decision has nothing to do with them. It might also give them a chance to talk about their feelings about the break with your therapist.

Can you use some therapy time to discuss what you want to do during your therapists break? It's perfectly natural to feel all of those conflicting emotions about their break.

I'm sorry you self-injured.

Please go gently,

Candycan said...

She didnt want to tell me why she's going; she doesnt like to talk about herself at all. I think she likes to be a blank slate. I think thats for the best actually, but in this case I would like to know if it's because of something bad because I am worried about her and if she's just having a nice break, it would put my mind at rest.
I think we will talk more about what's going to happen, but I couldn't really think about that much last session. It was a lot to process.

Anonymous said...
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Candycan said...
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