Friday, 17 December 2010

My therapist is leaving me (part 3)

I must say, I think I have been coping surprisingly well since Monday after finding out my therapist is leaving for an extended period.
Well, Monday evening wasn't good and Tuesday was pretty bad too but by wednesday I was feeling only occasionally like I had lost someone and by thursday, I was not feeling anything at all. I am able to think about it without feeling overwhelmed; it doesnt seem real really.
I do notice though that I haven't been able to help my husband who is organising a big trip for us in January. We are going travelling for a few months. The whole thought of it is sending me into a panic. I had been anxious about going before (only partly because I didn't know how a break from therapy would affect me) but now I am feeling overwhelmed by the prospect. Now it seems there is so much change happening over the next months and I don't know how it's all going to go. It's hard to predict how I will cope with things because each part of me has a different way of responding to things.
Scary bickies!


MultipleMe said...

Change is scary, particularly when it comes in big doses. However it can bring even better things sometimes. Its hard though.

I wish I could give some advice but I am not sure what to tell you. Make sure when you are packing for your holiday to bring something familiar - like a teddy - to give comfort. We always bring one of our soft toys when we travel. It comforts the little ones and gives something familiar to sleep with at night so a different bed doesnt feel so strange.

Take gentle care of yourself. Make sure you give yourself time to do things that will help relax/calm you - drawing or a big bubble bath.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year

Candycan said...

Thanks for this advice. I guess one of the good things in knowing I have DID is that I can now plan and prepare myself for these things. My child parts are hoping to get a teddy for Christmas, although they've asked for a BIG one so might not be able to take it travelling. Have a great Christmas and New year too. C