Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

Today I went to see my psychologist, T.
At the moment the session seems like a blur but I know it was very hard (I should be used to that by now) and I am knackered and have what I call the 'post therapy aches' all over my body. When we got home, it was either climb into bed and shut down or be someone else. I didn't really have the choice to go to bed because of hubbie related reasons so option B it was.
Little C and Pan decided they wanted to take photos of things they like so we went around the house and this is what they came up with....
(annotated by Little C with my help)

Candy made this pattern and it is pretty.

I like pink smarties!
Candy likes orange ones though.
Peanut butter is great too.

This is me and my friend on our big trip.
This is what we imagined New Zealand would look like... and it did.

Candy drew these hearts for me when I was very scared one day.
I feel better when I look at them.

Space hopper!

Drawing and colouring is fun.

A cute fluffy white paw

Russian dolls are a bit like us

Winnie and Cherry keep each other company when I'm not there to cuddle them.

Nothing cuter in the world...

This is a BIG cup and we like a BIG cup of tea.

My friend's cheeky monkey

Sparkles in my heart...