Friday, 21 October 2011

EMDR: anyone?

OK, so I posted a question on a DID forum as to whether anyone has found EMDR to be helpful and I got quite a few responses warning me of the dangers of it or about negative experiences had. I have talked about EMDR a few times on my blog too and a few times had comments from people who found it to be a negative experience or a set back and from others warning me of the risks for people with DID. I've read blogs with similar views.

This is all very worrying seeing as EMDR is in the pipelines for me/parts. My psychologist has suggested using EMDR with Ebony, an alter to help them develop a safe place they can go to when feeling overwhelmed. She says that the work wouldn't involve getting Ebony to talk or think about difficult things.

I guess what I want to know is, has anyone found it useful? And does anyone know if any studies have looked at the effectiveness of EMDR for more complex trauma? What is your opinion of EMDR?

Any thoughts, views or wisdom welcome!



Anonymous said...

i have DID and have done a little bit of EMDR - some before I realized about the DID and some after. I have found it helpful with the specific emotion or fear we addressed. Sometimes I switch during EMDR and the one switching in will throw off the headphones (we do EMDR with tones and vibration), but then that part is usually able to continue working on the feeling or whatever.
EMDR and our therapist helps us go further into stuff without getting so scared and shutting down.
I hope this is helpful and ok - I have never commented on a blog before.

Candycan said...

Thank you for your comment. your view is welcome. it's very encouraging to hear from someone who's found emdr to be positive as you have despite it being hard sometimes. Your view is more than ok, it's very helpful and valuable to us. :)