Sunday, 20 March 2011

What's the point?

Feeling like no one is interested and no one cares. Why would they be interested in someone like me? It's the way it's always been and always will be. Sometimes it doesn't bother me so much but tonight it does. Oh well, I'll be different again tomorrow. I shouldn't care.


castorgirl said...

I'm not sure about others, but I read your blog because I like the way you write - honestly and from a sense of wanting to heal. As to what's the point... well I struggle with that regularly myself. I'm told by people that I trust, that things do change, that we heal and our perspective can change. So yes, you're feeling it tonight, but you also acknowledge that is may well be different tomorrow. I hoping it will be for you.

Take care,

Candycan said...

Thanks. I'm justing feeling alone and sorry for myself. I shouldn't be so pathetic.

MultipleMe said...

We all go through points where things are difficult and need to express it. Its okay to feel sorry for yourself and doesnt make you pathetic.

I also enjoy reading your blog, though I have been very slack in reading all blogs lately as my life has been crazy and I havent had time for either my blog or others. But it doesnt mean I dont care. I am just coming back to catch up now :)

I hope you do feel better tomorrow.

Take gentle care
From Kylie

Candycan said...

Thanks for the lovely comments guys.

Unknown said...
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Catherine said...

I am interested and I care. I've just found your blog today and skimmed through it all, and found it really interesting. I had never heard of DID before and you've taught me so much.