Friday, 25 March 2011

I'm getting on the polyvore wagon

Little princess loves...

Little princess loves... by Candycan

Well, I have been curious about what this 'polyvore' thing is that everyone seems to be talking about so after doing a bit of research I decided to give it a go for myself! This is my first attempt, which I'm sure isn't very good compared to everything I've seen on the blogs I read but I am kind of proud of it anyway!

I felt one of my child parts was doing the picking and got a strong sense of her feeling that these are some of the things she likes. Our childhood was barren of anything pretty or girly and although I don't remember really wishing for these things at the time (I do remember wishing I had been born a boy) I do feel now that we missed out on something.

So now I am an adult with dissociative identity disorder. Sometimes I feel I have a clear picture of who I am sharing my body with, at other times I feel more separate from it and still struggle with the concept of me having DID at all. But most times, my child parts are the easiest for me to be aware of and it's easy for me to let the child parts take over because, well, they are easy to like (most of the time) and it's fun to be around them. Nowadays I make more of an effort to provide my child parts with the opportunity to have fun. I guess I kinda feel like I want them to enjoy being a kid in a way I never got to. They get to draw pictures and make things and play with teddies and express themselves in a way I couldn't. They also have the ability to enjoy life in a way some of my parts (including myself) can't yet do. I hope one day this will be different but for now, I am happy to allow the children to have fun because I get to feel it when they do. I think this must be a sort of co-consciousness?

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