Sunday, 19 September 2010

My mess

I am a messy person. I always was messy. As a child I was incapable of keeping my room tidy; I hated tidying so much I would go to great lengths to get out of it. I used to sleep in a cabin bed and came up with the brilliant idea of hiding all of my toys in the space underneath it. I used to act as a human shovel and scoop all my toys across the floor and into the big hole under the bed. It was great, until my mum found out.
Nowadays, not much has changed. I have bursts of motivation when I will clean for a few hours but generally, I don't bother or am too tired, or just have no motivation. My house is a horrific mess. My sister stayed recently (I don't normally have people in the house because of the mess) and I spent a day tidying and cleaning before her arrival. It barely scratched the surface and her comment afterwards was: "Your house looks like a jumble sale". Sigh.
I make light of it and tell people I just have more important things to do in life, but if I'm honest with you, sometimes I don't want to go home from work at the end of the day because I feel depressed at all the mess. I would like to have a beautiful home that I could welcome people into, but I struggle to get myself washed and dressed in the mornings a lot of the time, so cleaning is unsurprisingly not a priority.

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