Wednesday, 5 January 2011

John Mayer - Daughters (lyrics)

I don't really have much to say at the moment so I thought I'd share this song with you.
It is a song for everyone.
It makes me sad.


MultipleMe said...

I enjoy John Mayer too but I hadnt heard this song. It is beautiful and made me want to cry.

It touches me particularly now as there is a guy and I am not sure if I am ready to get into a relationship because I am scared to be hurt again.

a beautiful song, thanks for sharing - will definitely be adding to my list

Candycan said...

yes, I like the way it is written from a boyfriends perspective. Where he's trying to understand her and help her but then he realises her problems aren't anything to do with him.
I think of my husband when I hear this line because so often he wants to try to fix things or thinks he's done something wrong when I don't feel good.
I guess a good kind of relationship is one where the person can see your pain and not take it on as their own.
My husband struggles with this but I know it's just because he loves me... he gets too upset by my pain. Good luck with your boy. Relationships are not easy but worth the hassle.

ANGELO said...

Too bad! I can't play the song in our country due to copyright infringement. huhu! Candycan, do you know the song "SAY" also sang by John Mayer. It's also inspiring especially, when it was played in the movie "The Bucket list"

Thanks for dropping by on my blog ^_^ I hope you'll always be inspired to post something informative and inspiring on your blog. Have a great day! Time to go to work. It's Thursday morning sickness again lol!

Candycan said...

oh thats a pity gelovsky. You could probably look up a compatible version of it on You Tube though.

Candycan said...

speaking of which, I looked up 'Say' and it is good too. Thanks