Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Here I go!

OK the day has arrived! I am sitting waiting for my mum to arrive to take us to the airport and feeling half ready and half like I still need to do a million things before I go. And I cant find my sun glasses which is a big bummer. But at least its not my passport.
I'm feeling pretty stressed out to be honest. I was up intil 2.30 packing and then up again at 8. I think once I get to the airport in London I will feel more calm (we have to get a flight to London then wait there all afternoon for our flight out).
I feel like I've forgotten something important but yet I feel like I have way to much stuff. I guess I'm just ambivalent about everything at the moment. I have packed my teddy for Little people, even though it is huge, but thats another story. Better get going and finish getting ready.
Wish me luck on my big adventure!


Ethereal Highway said...

I think you will have a nice time.

MultipleMe said...

Good Luck!!

But I dont think you will need it, have a wonderful time Candy - cant wait to hear about it - and maybe you can share some photos?

castorgirl said...

I hope you are having a great time :)