Wednesday, 31 August 2011


My body hurts.
This is always a sign that my therapy session was hitting nerves somewhere, if not with 'me'.


Sandy said...

I hope you feel less ouch soon :)

Interwoven minds said...

I'm sorry that you are feeling the pinch of therapy! However if you see it as you not feeling so detached to the emotion or feeling, it sounds like you maybe breaking through the unknown, so to speak, almost experiencing it yourself! and that's a hard one to get your head round... It could be interesting to hear if your still felt like this in a few weeks from this.. Maybe, just a thought, if you wrote down not necessarily on here how you felt in a few weeks, months from now.. how you feel, the pinch could turn in to a mark and you saw it and didn't feel it anymore, how that might make you feel, think!

I'm sorry to go on, my T says I think about things too deeply.. just find it interesting! Ax