Thursday, 19 July 2012

Last session with New Psychologist tomorrow!

I'm on my way to bed but just felt like writing a blog post so should make the most of it because as you can see, inspiration has been lacking this year so far. I don't know why that is.
Anyway, I have to announce that after almost seven long, painful months, I am finally saying goodbye to New Psychologist tomorrow... well that's what I've been told anyway. T was due to come back a few months ago and you may remember my triumphant announcement indicating the same. That was before she had an unfortunate incident and had to go off sick like the week after she had returned (in which time I didn't yet get to see her... possibly a good thing).
I would need to write an essay to describe the goods and bads of my time with New Psychologist but to sum it up she has been brilliantly insightful, helpful and amazing however equally as horrifyingly unprofessional, judgemental, clueless and argumentative. I can't figure out if I like her or hate her.
I think it's fair to say I can appreciate that a different perspective has been helpful and her practical techniques have been useful but at the same time I don't think I'll be shedding any tears after saying goodbye to her. It's clear to me that she has her own personal issues which unfortunately cloud her judgement as a therapist and that's going to be difficult for her if she doesn't address them. It did however give me plenty of opportunity to practise confronting people about difficult issues, which is something I've never been good at.
I'm looking forward to seeing T again soon but also dreading it. I know enough about myself now to know that any transition seems to be difficult and I guess we will have to readjust to each other. I will also have to get used to the realisation that T is human too and my coping method this year has been keeping a vision of her in my mind as a perfect being. I'm not fooling myself though when I say she understood me a thousand times better than New Psychologist and being understood is crucial isn't it?


Stationary Runner said...

I hope your reunion with your therapist is rewarding... I can't imagine being away from my therapist as long as you've been away from yours.

Ruth said...

Being understood is crucial. I agree 1000%. :) You made it through the seven months. You did it. I noticed with myself that any change takes time to adjust, even if I want the change.