Monday, 5 September 2011

Purple legs and feet

I was upstairs in an old friend's mother's house, looking for him so that we could catch up. He wasn't there. I made my way back down the stairs; the first set of stairs was short and lead down to a mini landing area where the bathroom was. I saw that the door was ajar. Through the door I saw purple legs and feet. These were at eye level. I knew instantly what had happened. I tried to scream but couldn't. All that came out was a muffled noise of fear. I wanted to run away but froze on the stairs. I knew he could still be alive. I couldn't run away. I had to go in and see. It wasn't my friend: it was his nephew. Going into the bathroom was a blur. He was warm; I pulled him down, I don't know how.
I woke up.


Pandora said...

My God, how horrible :( I'm not sure if this is 'only' a dream, or if it actually happened (hopefully the former), but either way - eugh. I hope you're as OK as something like that can allow you to be. *hugs*

Candycan said...

Thank you Pan. This was just a dream although I did feel freaked out for several days afterwards. I don't know how much of my dreams are based on the past now because I feel so much of my past is lost and I get clues to things. I think this dream reflects something else although I don't know what.